Best Microsoft Office Course in Lahore Pakistan | Askari Trainings

Best Microsoft Office Course in

Lahore Pakistan | Askari Trainings

In Microsoft Course In Lahore Learn all the

required tools and features Excel, Word, and

PowerPoint to perform their daily task effectively

& efficiently.

Course: Best Microsoft Office and


 Time: 04:00pm to 06:00pm

Days: Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Course Starting Date: 14 October 2022

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Best Microsoft Course In Lahore Pakistan | Askari Trainings 

Introduction of Best Microsoft Course in Lahore

Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are the essential tools for a company to manage accounts and present data in an effective manner. 87% of people across the globe use Ms office to perform their daily tasks effectively & efficiently. A person who has expertise in Microsoft office can have growth in their career. More than 600,000 companies in the US alone use Microsoft office in their office work. So join Askari Trainings IT Training Institute in Pakistan  to become an expert in Microsoft offices on different platforms. And have growth in your career and enhance your performance.

Why this Course (Microsoft Course in Lahore Askari Trainings)

  • 87% of people use MS office to manage accounts and present data
  • The average salary of an expert in Microsoft office is $49,000 per year
  • More than 600,000 companies alone in the US use Microsoft office in their work.

Scope of the (Microsoft Course in Karachi Askari Trainings

87% of people across the globe use MS office to manage accounts and present data. And about 600,000 companies in the US use Microsoft offices in their work. Microsoft office expertise is essential in companies globally. So students can learn Microsoft office as it is the most demanded tool in the market and it can help them in creating a professional CV & later in their career. Professionals can get help in updating their portfolio and increasing their efficiency in work. Businessmen and Entrepreneurs can manage, present & share data effectively. Accountants can manage account data in a better way. People can also choose to become a freelancer by becoming an expert in Microsoft office by selling data entry services. Askari Trainings

Objectives of (Microsoft Course in Islamabad Askari Trainings)

  • To enhance the output of office employees
  • Learn data editing
  • Learning to proofread content
  • Learning to enter data in tables
  • Learning to insert charts
  • The skill of arranging & optimizing data
  • Working on Workbooks
  • Best Graphic Designing Course
  • Managing accounts data
  • Working on combining data in an excel sheet
  • Understanding the concept of Marcos
  • Creating & Inspiring slides

Who Should Join this course (Best Microsoft Course in Lahore Askari Trainings) & Why

  • Student – Learn most demanded tools and create a strong CV
  • Professional – Upgrade your portfolio and have more opportunities
  • Businessman and Entrepreneur – To manage, present, and share data effectively
  • Accountant – To manage account and date
  • Freelancing – Offer MS office services and earn more

Course Modules Microsoft Office

  • Learning the basics of Word
  • Understanding Documents
  • Learning the art to Edit & Proofread Text
  • Optimization of Text
  • Best SEO Course in Lahore
  • Organizing Columns and Tables information
  • Understanding & adding simple Graphic Elements
  • Documents Analytics (Preview, Print, and Distribute)
  • Diagram Creations
  • Best Social Media Marketing Course
  • Inserting charts & modifying
  • Working on visual Elements
  • Organizing Content

Course Outline Microsoft Office

  • Learning the basics of Word
  • Understanding the user interface
  • Writing, editing text, and saving documents
  • Creating a new document
  • Entering text
  • Saving the document
  • Learning to save documents in a new folder
  • Comparing & enhancing text with older versions
  • Opening, Moving around in and closing

Understanding Documents

  • Learning to View documents in different ways
  • Understanding about Switching between different views
  • Working on non-printing characters
  • Learning to Zoom the document
  • Working on Switching different word documents
  • Learning to Arrange windows of open documents
  • Working on rulers in the document window
  • Exploring help feature

Learning the art to Edit & Proofread Text

  • Optimizing the text
  • Selecting & Deleting text
  • Drag & drop
  • When to Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Understanding Paste Options
  • Undo & redo
  • Understanding Office clipboard
  • Working on Finding & replacing text
  • Understanding find and replace
  • Learning Navigation pane
  • Working on Fine-tuning text
  • Exploring Thesaurus
  • Working on Mini-translator
  • Learn spell Correction & grammatical errors
  • Understanding Spell check
  • Exploring AutoCorrect
  • Understanding document statistics
  • Inserting saved text
  • Concept of  Building Blocks
  • Creation of building block
  • Inserting one document into another

Optimization of Text

  • Learn to format text quickly
  • Optimizing Paragraph styles
  • Understanding Character Styles
  • Working on documents theme
  • Understanding & Switching different themes
  • Selectin & Saving a new theme
  • Learning Manually to change the look of characters
  • Optimizing font, font size & font color
  • Bold, Italic, & Underline
  • Exploring the Mini Toolbar
  • Using Format Painter
  • Understanding Font dialog box
  • Highlighting Text
  • Clear Formatting
  • Changing the looks of paragraphs manually
  • Learning to Indent in word
  • First Line and hanging indents
  • Understanding Paragraph alignment
  • Tabs set up
  • line spacing adjustment
  • Working on Paragraph spacing
  • Concept of Borders and Shading
  • Concept of Character formatting & case considerations
  • Format changing/replacing
  • lists creation & modification
  • Importance of Bullets & Numbering
  • Customizing bullets and numbering
  • Sorting lists
  • Formatting text as you type

Organizing Columns and Tables information

  • Entering information in columns
  • Inserting columns
  • Optimizing paragraphs
  • Exploring Column options
  • Tabbed lists creation
  • Entering info in tables
  • Working on Inserting a table
  • Understanding to Insert & delete columns & rows
  • Columns resizing
  • Learning to merge cells
  • Aligning table
  • Conversion of text to table
  • Performing calculations in tables
  • Exploring different layout options
  • Formatting tables
  • Table style
  • Formatting Manually

Understanding & adding simple Graphic Elements

  • Learning & modifying ways to Insert pictures
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Resizing & cropping of pictures
  • Learning about picture styles & picture corrections
  • Understanding Artistic effects
  • Working on ClipArt
  • Changing a document background
  • Learn to insert building Blocks
  • Working on Inserting a Cover Page
  • Inserting Page Numbers
  • Understanding Headers and Footers
  • Text boxes drawing
  • Adding Word Art
  • Understanding ways to Insert Word Art into the document
  • Wrap text around Word Art
  • Concept of formatting the first letter of a paragraph

Documents Analytics (Preview, Print, and Distribute)

  • Page layout preview and adjustment
  • Orientation & Adjusting Page size
  • Setting up margins
  • Monitoring what happens on each page
  • Page breaks
  • Section breaks
  • Printing documents
  • Preparing documents for electronic distribution
  • Properties of document
  • Inspection of document
  • Marking a final document

Diagram Creations

  • Diagram creation and positioning
  • Use of the text pane
  • Learning to Insert shapes into a diagram
  • Promoting & Demoting shapes in a diagram
  • Exploring a diagram’s layout, colors, and shapes
  • Use picture diagrams to show photographs

Inserting charts & modifying

  • Learning to Insert a chart in a document
  • Chart customization & saving it as a template
  • Working on plotting excel data in a chart
  • Chart Formatting
  • Changing chart types
  • Working on-axis, titles, and labels

Working on visual Elements

  • Text and graphic watermarks addition
  • Inserting a symbol
  • Building an equation and add it to the equation gallery
  • Drawing of shapes & manipulation
  • Insert a screen clipping
  1. Organizing Content
  • Reorganize a document but adjusting its outline
  • Arranging multiple pictures
  • Insert and format nested tables

Document Creation for another platform

  • Save files in different formats
  • Creating and modifying web documents
  • Create and publish blog posts

Basics of Microsoft Excel

  1. Workbook set up
  • Workbook creation
  • Understanding the terminologies of Excel
  • Exploring Excel Environment
  • Quick Access Toolbar Customizing
  • Creating a New Workbook
  • Entering Data into Workbook
  • Saving a workbook
  • Open a workbook
  • Zoom
  • Best Social Media Marketing Course
  • Insert a new worksheet
  • Renaming a new worksheet
  • Changing the tab color of the worksheet
  • Rearranging the order of worksheets
  • Move or Copy worksheet
  • Hide/Unhide Worksheet
  • Switch Windows
  • Modifying Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Changing column widths and row
  • heights
  • Insert Columns/Rows
  • Delete Columns/ Rows
  • Hide/Unhide columns or rows
  • Insert Cells
  • Moving Data by dragging
  • Customizing Excel
  • Arranging multiple workbook windows
  • Customizing the ribbon
  • Minimizing the ribbon


Working on Data & understanding excel tables

  • Learning to enter data
  • Understanding Copy, Cut, and Paste functions
  • Working on Pick from the drop-down list
  • Finding & Replacing data
  • Spell Check
  • Thesaurus
  • Defining an Excel Table
  • Format as table
  • Table design
  • Basic Formulas
  • How to create a basic formula
  • Operators
  • Copy Formula down
  • Absolute cell reference
  • Basic Functions
  • What is the difference between
  • formulas and functions
  • Insert a function
  • AutoSum, sum, min, max, and average

Working on the Appearance of Workbook

  • Cell formats
  • Changing Font, Font size & Font Colour Borders
  • Bold, Italic, and Underline
  • Format Numbers as percentage, currency, and general
  • Insert a picture
  • Picture Styles, remove background, picture effects
  • Insert Background

Learning to print

  • Inserting Headers & Footer
  • Preview Print
  • Understanding the Page Setup
  • Page break preview
  • Print active worksheets
  • Print entire workbook
  • Print Selection
  • Print titles
  • Set Print Area
  • Centre data on page

Expert Microsoft Excel Course

  1. Calculations of data
  • Using Named Ranges to Name groups of data
  • Using Formulas for Calculation of values
  • Understanding specific condition & summarizing data
  • Using If function
  • Audit of Formula
  • Adding a watch Window
  • Tracing Formula Errors
  • Tracing Precedents and Dependent cells

Working on the Appearance of Workbook

  • Defining of Styles
  • Working on numbers so they can be read easily
  • Transposing of data
  • Merging of cells & working on cell orientation
  • Making changes to data according to its value
  • Focusing on specific data by using filters
  • Inserting Filters
  • Sort A to Z using Filters
  • Number Filters
  • Clear Filters
  • Advanced Filtering (Criteria Range)
  • Summarizing worksheets with hidden
  • and filtered rows (subtotal and
  • aggregate functions)
  • Data Validation         

3.Data reorder & Summary

  • Sort Data
  • Custom Lists
  • Organizing data into levels using subtotals
  • Creating an outline
  • Lookup Functions

Data validation

  • Learning to validate data in Excel
  • Finding & selecting cells for data validation rules
  • Restrict data entry
  • Developing dynamic data validation list
  • Working on data validation techniques
  • Prospective validation
  • Retrospective validation.
  • Concurrent validation.

    Combining of Data from Multiple Sources

  • Excel’s Built-in Templates use
  • Use templates of workbooks for other workbooks
  • Linking of data in other workbooks
  • Consolidating data
  • Saving workbooks as a workspace
  • Comments in cells and workbooks
  • Viewing Comments in a worksheet
  • Adding and Removing comments
  • Adding comments to a workbook
  • Password protect a worksheet and workbook
  • Unlock cells and protecting part of a worksheet
  • Track Changes
  • Mark a workbook as final


  • Understanding & Exploring macros
  • Steps of running macros
  • Absolute versus Relative References
  • Effective Range Selection
  • The Importance of the Cursor’s Position Using Data Tables
  • Deleting Empty Rows at the End of a Worksheet
  • Functions with Dynamic Ranges
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Writing Macros that Work on Variable File Names
  • Importing a Text File

Basics of Microsoft PowerPoint

Learning & Exploring PowerPoint

  • Understanding the user interface
  • Learning to create & save presentations
  • Comparing the old version with new versions
  • Performing a different operation on presentations
  • Working on presentations in different ways

    Learning to work on Slides

  • Creating & Deleting slides
  • Creating slides for written content
  • Understanding Slide Libraries
  • Presenting presentations as outlines
  • Learning division of presentations
  • Rearrangement of slides into sections

    Optimizing Slide content

  • Entering text
  • Text boxes Addition
  • Working on default font for text boxes
  • Text Editing
    Best SEO Course in Lahore
  • Understanding Clipboard
  • Text correction while typing
  • Spell checking and choosing the best words
  • Research information
  • Find and Replacing text and fonts

    Slides Formatting
  • Learning to Apply themes
  • Working on different theme colors and fonts
  • Working on different Slide background
  • Changing placeholders look.
  • Working on alignment, spacing, size, and look of the text

    Visual Enhancements Addition
  • Inserting Picture & ClipArt images
  • Learning to Insert Diagrams
  • Understanding Graphic formats
  • Conversion of bullets into a diagram
  • Adding charts
  • Adding shapes
  • Connecting shapes
  • Adding transitions

    Reviewing Presentation before delivery
  • Final check of presentation before delivery
  • Previewing and Printing Presentation
  • Adding references & Handouts
  • Enhanced Handouts
  • Finalizing Presentation
  • Setting up a presenter view
  • Delivering a presentation

Course Outline Freelancing Course

  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • Difference between job and freelancing
  • Benefits of Freelancing
  • Lifestyle of a Freelancer
  • Challenges of Freelancing
  • Future of freelancing

How to start freelancing

  • How to identify your Master Skill
  • 10 tips of picking your area of work
  • How find most trending freelancing projects or services
  • How to find a platform to start
  • Why start freelancing with
  • Why start freelancing with
  • Why start freelancing with
  • Why start freelancing with
  • What are the payment methods available in Pakistan

Using Fiverr as a freelancing platform

  • Introduction to Fiverr

  • How Fiverr works for freelancers (sellers)
  • How Fiverr works for clients (buyers)
  • Types of skills which are most demanded
  • How to find your niche for Fiverr?
  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Fiverr

Profile creation and management

  • How to make an outstanding profile on Fiverr
  • How to write a bio
  • How to do research on competition
  • Which skill you need to add-on profile
  • Adding your education
  • Adding your experience and projects in a professional way
  • Connecting fiverr to other social media platform for more reach
  • How to set up payment method
  • What are the options available for payment in Pakistan
  • How to get more views on your gigs
  • Using mobile application to maintain your response rate

Creating your winning gig

  • Why people should buy it
  • Planning for value to client
  • Create a gig on fiverr
  • How to write the title that attract audience
  • How to design thumbnail for fiverr (Canva)
  • Writing description and details of your gig
  • How to add value added services

Getting clients (a lot of them)

  • How to get reviews of your clients
  • How to Get Promoted to a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr
  • Fiverr Rank System
  • Fiverr Platform Rules
  • Payment system
  • How to maintain your rating
  • How to communicate in a professional manner on fiverr

Final tips | Askari Training

  • How to manage time
  • How to keep balance between freelancing work and normal life
  • Understanding the tax models for freelancer